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If you are a stylist or salon and you want to purchase stock to keep for walk in clients or build your own brand then you're in the right place! 

When I first started my journey into sourcing my own hair it was so difficult. There are so many agents pretending to be direct factories, who will send amazing hair to test and then when you place an order they send you something completely different. I had my fingers burnt so many times and it took multiple factory visits to weed out the ones that either couldn't perform on colours or quality. It took a lot of my time and money and trust me I understand that in current times you do not want to be wasting either of these. 

I want to help others who are looking to either build their own brand of hair extensions or simply need a connect for direct to factory prices. 

- Minimum order is 6 packs per colour

*Please note that if you are not an extensionist your order will automatically be cancelled and refunded. This is for stylists only. 




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