- Always put oil through the ends along with heat protection spray.

- Try to avoid brushing the extensions whilst wet as this can cause slippage. If you do wish to brush them ensure you hold the hair firmly at the top and only brush the mid-ends. When your hair is almost dry you can brush the top of the weft area.

- Start by letting down the hair at the back section by section. Blow dry on a cool/medium heat. Once almost dry you can brush as explained above then let down more hair continuing until dry.

- Remember this hair has come from another person so will likely dry differently to your own hair. Styling your hair extensions will ensure they blend with your own hair. 

- Use a heated tool with temperature control and never exceed 180 degrees. Using too much heat can dry out your extensions and snap the ends as it would your own hair.

- The least heat you use on your extensions the longer they will last. Try to limit using heated tools to once-twice a week.

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