RUMOUR hair extensions are 100% Human hair and just like your own can easily damage if they are not looked after.


To ensure your extensions last you we recommend you follow the below tips:




Wash no more than once a week using sulphate free shampoo on the root area and conditioner through the mid-ends.


Squeeze out excess water and pat dry the ends with a towel.




We recommend using a tangle teaser brush. Start by holding the hair as if its in a ponytail to protect the bonded area. Brush from the ends upwards and eventually gently over the root area.




Always brush your hair and braid it before bed. Never sleep with wet hair extensions.




Always put oil through the ends along with heat protection spray.


We don’t recommend brushing your hair extensions whilst they’re wet as this can cause slippage. Start by letting down the hair at the back section by section. Blow dry on a cool/medium heat. Once almost dry you can brush as explained above then let down more hair continuing until dry.


Remember this hair has come from another person so will likely dry differently to your own hair. We always recommend styling in your hair extensions so they look amazing and blend perfectly.


We recommend styling using a tool with temperature control and never exceeding 180 degrees. Using too much heat can dry out your extensions and snap the ends as it would your own hair.




Our hair extensions have been coloured and just like any other colour it will fade and revert back to their natural colour over time.


Should you decide to colour your hair extensions please seek the advice of a professional.


Do not silver shampoo your extensions more than twice a month and always dilute with your shampoo and water.


*Colouring and Silver shampooing hair extensions are both at your own risk. Hair cannot be returned or exchanged if you have done either of these




Chlorine, sun tan lotion and sea water can cause damage to your hair extensions. We do not recommend allowing your hair to come into contact with any of these as they will not only discolour your hair extensions but will affect both the colour and quality often causing them to turn pink or orange.