Should you wish to return your goods for a refund or exchange please email us within 7 days of purchase at:


Goods must be returned within 14 days from receipt of delivery.

The goods must be returned in original packaging without any damage to both the goods or packaging. Therefore, please ensure hair is packaged correctly.

 If the goods are damaged during transit or the band on extensions has been cut/removed then hair cannot be returned as we will not be able to re-sell it.

RUMOUR are not responsible for any returned items until they are received by us. Both the cost and the risk of return are at the customers expense so therefore we recommend you send the return via recorded delivery.


Hair Extensions will fade and discolor over time. This is completely normal especially if living in an area where there is hard water or mainly in warmer climates where there are elements that can cause discolouration. Due to this Rumour will not accept any liability if hair extensions discolour. 

Avoid salt water and chlorine as they will affect both the quality and colour of your hair extensions turning them pink/orange. We also recommend wearing a hat in the sun avoiding UV rays. 

For the full aftercare tips please look at the aftercare tips page. 

Due to it being impossible to know whether aftercare has been followed we will not be able to accept returns on hair that has discoloured. 



Please expect a refund between 7-14 working days of receipt. We will not offer a refund or exchange until we have received and checked the item. Please allow our team 1-5 days to respond.


RUMOUR are not responsible for any shipping fees should we exchange any items.


Due to hair extensions being a raw material we are not able to guarantee a lifespan of each batch of hair.

Should there be any issue with the quality of the hair extensions please get in touch so we can try to resolve the issue. We expect to be notified via email with the issue within 30 days of when the hair was delivered.

Anything after 30 days would be down to poor aftercare.

All hair returned to us will be tested and should we believe that the issue is due to poor aftercare then we will not authorize a refund or replacement. 


Should any of the above not have been adhered to we will be unable to offer a refund, exchange or credit. Your product will be returned to you at your request otherwise will be destroyed after 30 days of us receiving. If we receive any items without prior email notification from the customer then we will destroy the item within 30 days.

Any colouring, bleaching, toning including silver and purple shampooing or tinting of extensions is done entirely at the customer’s own risk and we will not test, refund or exchange any extensions that have been exposed to the above nor will RUMOUR accept hair back that has been altered in any way including clip-ins. All hair extensions must be returned in the original product colour and format.

 If the hair colour has been altered in any way, fitted poorly, maintained poorly or chemically damaged then we reserve the right to refuse the return.

 If we do not believe there is a fault with the item then we are happy to return it to you. (Any fees including shipping or refitting are the customers responsibility)

 *Altered includes bleaching, colouring, tinting
silver/blue/purple shampoo.

Rumour will not be held responsible for any
damage caused by heated tools.

We do not recommend wearing hair extensions whilst on holiday or if residing in warm climates. This can affect both the colour and condition of the hair extensions and is purely at the clients own risk.

We do not guarantee the use of our hair extensions in warm climates whereby swimming pool chlorine and the hair drying out is likely through excess heat. We strongly advise all customers using hair extensions to avoid both chlorine and seawater as this can damage hair and hair colour.


We do not accept returns, refunds or exchange on any custom made clip ins. 


Our pre made clips-ins are not professional products and are designed for occasional wear only. We suggest that you wash the hair every 10-15 wears due to product build-up. If you require wearing extensions daily, please check our professional range. Clip-ins should not be altered in any way from their intended purpose- in doing so RUMOUR will not be held responsible for the outcome of the extensions.


Kindly note that 160AED/£30 will be deducted from the refund amount to cover the initial international shipping cost. 

We are able to provide a UK returns address. 


  Any costs or expenses incurred from shipping, application and removal of any extensions are not our responsibility.