TREAT not TRICK your hair!

As halloween approaches most people will be conjuring images of ghosts, vampires and things that go bump in the night. However when I close my eyes and the darkness brings thoughts of what petrifies me most, hair horrors take over and leave me restless and nervous. 

There are so many day to day actions which despite seeming innocent can actually have such a horrible impact on your extensions. With this in mind I am here to offer tricks and treats which will leave you feeling BOO-tiful!

When I see ladies wearing their hair down in the pool, I physically get goosebumps for all the wrong reasons. The chlorine in the water is full of harmful chemicals, which causes rapid deterioration to the appearance and quality of your extensions. Not only this but it can drastically affect your colour! Whilst green may be a good look for Halloween fancy dress it doesn’t translate well for day to day life! So unless you are auditioning for a role as the wicked witch, I would strongly suggest keeping your hair out of the pool!

Whilst we are on the subject of days at the pool, we move onto the sun. Just as vampires hide from daylight, you should be treating your hair like you’re part of the twilight family and keeping it shaded and safe! UVA and UVB rays are massively damaging to your hair and can cause discolouration, thinning, frizziness and dry, frazzled locks. Hats, umbrellas and even the right products should be used to ensure your hair is kept protected. If all else fails a coffin is a drastic back up!

So ladies the rule of thumb is keep your locks out of the sun, out of the pool and out of my bad books.

Happy Halloween to all our Rumour angels and devils and remember i'm always watching! 

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