Why have my hair extensions changed colour?

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Why have my hair extensions changed colour?

Ok beauts, so your hair extensions have changed colour and you’re completely miffed on how this could have happened.

There are a few things that could cause extensions to change colour, but you must keep in mind that over a period of time, hair colour especially ash and blonde shades will eventually warm and fade.

 Have you ever been lucky enough to have highlights or purple shampoo last for 6 months plus without needing to revisit the hairdresser?

Human hair extension will be the same – blonde and ash tones do not last forever...

 Although if your extensions have changed colour drastically or sooner than you expected and you’re currently resembling a unicorn then you must keep in mind that hair doesn’t just turn pink, green, or orange on its own.

It’s usually caused by a chemical reaction.

Any of the following can cause hair extensions to change colour:

  • Hard water
  • UV rays
  • Chlorine
  • Sea water
  • Not using heat protection
  • Suntan lotion

Hard Water 

When I first moved here 7 years ago hair extensions barely existed in the Middle East. When they did eventually launch here the packaging on most brands would state not to wear hair extensions whilst on holiday…. well how can you avoid that when you live in the sun?

 Unfortunately, hard water is unavoidable in most places around the world but especially so in the UAE, therefore we are aware that clients living abroad (UAE) may notice their extensions changing colour despite never having the issue when they lived in the UK.

 Water with high mineral content will leave a residue on your extensions. Due to the extensions not receiving natural oils and nutrients like your own hair it would only absorb this rather than naturally counteract, which will cause the hair to eventually discolour and deteriorate.

 The water content can have a huge impact on the colour and texture of your extensions, therefore you should always invest in a shower filter and some clients even use bottled water on the final rinse.

 UV Rays

Isn’t it lovely sitting in the sun all day and bronzing your skin?

Just like the sun will warm your skin tone it will also warm/bronze your hair extensions. Your extensions are drier and more porous than natural hair as they don’t receive nutrients and oils from the scalp. Wearing your hair down in the sun even for a short period of time will destroy the colour and quality.

Tie your extensions in a bun before touching the tanning lotion and never use oil on your hair when going out into the sun.

 You may as well add the hair to a frying pan with sunflower oil 


Chlorine will strip your hair extensions of both colour and quality.

Its purpose is to keep a pool clean and kill bacteria with its strong chemicals and when it comes into contact with your extensions it will cause a reaction which can cause it to change colour. (Usually pink)

It will also strip the hair of its quality leaving it extremely brittle and dry.

Tie your hair in a bun and never get it wet in the swimming pool. If you are a regular swimmer then wearing clip ins may be a better option.

 Sea Water

The sea water will also strip your hair of colour and quality. Have you ever got out of the sea and noticed how dry your body feels and if you’re lucky enough to have a mouthful of sea water how dry and salty your mouth is afterwards?

It will also dry and dehydrate your hair extensions leaving them not only discoloured but dry and brittle.  

Not using heat Protection.

This is an important one that often gets missed out with aftercare.

Not only should you be keeping the heat under 180 degrees on your styling tools, but you should always use heat protection on your hair before using any kind of heated tools.

Watch this to see what happened when I styled blonde hair without heat protection:


Tanning lotion

 I saved the best for last! This is usually the main culprit for hair discolouring and is the ultimate headache for all extensionists worldwide! When we spot a client wearing their hair down posing for the gram we sink in our chair and estimate how long it will be before the dreaded orange hair picture complaint comes through.

 Sun tan lotion contains a chemical called avobenzone, which causes a chemical reaction when coming into contact with hair extensions.

 Now you may have worn your hair down for literally one minute or worn it in a ponytail or even wore it in a bun all day…. But if that sun tan lotion has at any point come into contact with your hair extensions then it will change colour.

Some people re-adjust their hair or even just touch their hair without realizing their hands have lotion on them.

You probably won’t notice until after washing it as the cuticle would have opened and allowed all the chemicals in but this is by far the most heartbreaking thing for any client after they have just laid out money for extensions and if your hair is blonde it can be really hard to reverse. 

Put your hair in a high bun before leaving the house and leave it for the day.

Putting your hair in a bun when in the sun will avoid tanning lotion, UV rays, pool water and sea water and its honestly the best advice I can give to any client wearing hair extensions in hot climates.


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